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The Survival Handbook

Survive anything life throws at you with The Survival

Handbook.Served in a handy mess tin, The Survival Book is

the ultimate visual guide to camping, wilderness, and

outdoor survival skills. Written by Colin Towell, an ex-

SAS Combat Survival Instructor, The Survival Handbook is

bursting with survival tips, manual skills, camping

essentials, and advice on how to survive whatever the

great outdoors throws at you.Learn how to read a map, how

to light a fire, and how to build a raft and be prepared

for every outdoor situation. Catch your own dinner and

cook it in the mess tin, revel in inspirational real-life

survival stories, or serve The Survival Handbook up as a

truly unique gift.From survival basics such as finding

water and catching fish, to extreme situations including

being adrift at sea or lost in the jungle, The Survival

Handbook will steer you through lifes toughest adventures

in the worlds harshest climates.
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