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How to Play Chess

Follow the easy steps to grandmaster greatness.From the opening move to checkmate, this book for children aged 8-13 will help you to play like a champion by mastering chess tactics and strategies.With plenty of master tips and cool 3-D images, How To Play Chess is a chess book for kids that also offers a perfect general introduction to chess for beginners. Start with basic chess techniques, and move up to more difficult challenges, guided step-by-step the whole way. How To Play Chess even includes a handy press-out chessboard and pieces to get you practising straight away.This book explains the history of chess, the rules, the pieces, how to attack and defend, and the best ways to solve the toughest of chess challenges.Learn chess the fun way and add firepower to your chess strategies with How To Play Chess: a wonderful companion to the world's most popular game of skill.
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