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Fully updated and presented in a striking slipcase, this fascinating all-in-one guide introduces you to the art, history, and culture of photography, and shows you how to get the very best from your photographs.
A comprehensive guide to all things photographic, Photography opens with a gallery of more than 30 of the key figures in photography, from 19th-century pioneers to famous photographers working today. The gallery provides fascinating contrasts between such diverse genres as art photography, reportage, portrait, and wildlife photography. The book then tells the story of photography, from its 'garden shed' beginnings to the rise of the 'selfie' today.
The second half of the book introduces cameras, accessories, and software, explaining what they can do and how to use them, then shows how to take better photographs by mastering the technical aspects of your camera; experimenting with composition, colour and light; and digitally enhancing your photos. Inspirational masterclasses covering all genres
of photography - landscape, portraits, wildlife, architecture, art - also provide you with an opportunity to apply your newfound skills in a clear and practical way. The section also gives expert advice on showing your work and how to become a professional photographer yourself.
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